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Dom-Information (Cathedral information office)

Visitor Centre of the Trier Cathedral
- an institution of the High Cathedral of Trier
Liebfrauenstraße 12 / Ecke Domfreihof 54290 Trier
Phone:+49 (0)6 51) 97 90 79-0
Fax: +49 (0)6 51) 97 90 79-9
Turnover tax ID no.: DE229815033

Editorial department:

Hermann Josef Leininger, Dean of the cathedral em.
Werner Rossel, Dean of the Cathedral
Prof. Dr. Franz Ronig, Cathedral Curator em.
Prof. Dr.Dr. Winfried Weber, retired Director of the Episcopal Cathedral and Diocesan Museum
Dr. Markus Nicolay, Cathedral Vicar
Andrea Riesbeck M. A., Head of Dom-Information
Stephan Rommelspacher
Josef Still, cathedral organist
Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Schmid
Johannes Krämer, Mainz

Photography by:

Achim Bednorz
Ursula Binsfeld
Bistum Trier
Wilhelm Bosel
Dom-Information Trier
Dommusik Trier
Markus Ehrhard
Dirk Eisermann, Hamburg

Ensch Media
Edith Hein
Rita Heyen
Ralf Kohr
Ralph Krein
Roland Morgen
Christoph Morlinghaus
Museum am Dom Trier

Petra Permesang-Wiesen
Hans-Georg Reuter
Sebastian Schritt
K.-D. Theis
Ann Münchow
Werner Schwalbe


Katja Harz, Dom-Information

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