Welcome to the Trier Cathedral Visitors’ Center!

Cathedral Information

Andrea Riesbeck M. A.
Head of Cathedral Information

Telephone +49(0)6 51/97 90 79-0


Katja Harz
Assistance, Bookkeeping, Internet

Telephone +49(0)6 51/97 90 79-3


Daniela Pfeiffer
Tours, Merchenadise Management

Telephone +49(0)6 51/97 90 79-2


An overview of our services:

  • Information about the Cathedral, the inner city churches, and the churches serving Trier
  • Contact partner on site for the Cathedral, also for St. James' pilgrims
  • Arranging Cathedral tours, theme tours, tours for children, and city walking tours with Christian themes
  • Contemplation of Cathedral art for meditation
  • Events, workshops for children
  • Design and development and sales of Cathedral brochures, picture postcards, Cathedral films, Cathedral literature, CDs of Cathedral music, pilgrims’ pins, Cathedral-related souvenirs
  • Ticket sales for the 2:00 p.m. tours and admission tickets to the Cathedral Treasury
  • Sales of "Domstein"® souvenirs