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Trier Cathedral Museum

The Trier Cathedral Museum is an establishment of the Trier diocese. Its task is to collect, to conserve, and to research historical evidence of art, culture, and religious faith in the Trier diocese and/or the earlier Trier archdiocese, and to communicate to the public as well as to cultivate dialogue with contemporary art.

The museum was assigned the additional task of conducting archaeological research into the predecessor structures from Late Antiquity of Germany’s oldest bishop’s church, Trier Cathedral. This research has brought forth a collection of archaeological finds whose origins illustrate Christianity in Trier in a singular way. The museum maintains the respective archaeological excavation sites regarding Early Christianity in Trier.

In the juxtaposition of works of older and contemporary art, the museum invites the viewer to a dialogue and encourages reflection. It is a place for encounter and examination of contemporary art and its religious dimension.

The museum documents in an exceptional way the continuity of the Trier Church from the 4th century to the present.

Cathedral Museum: www.museum.bistum-trier.de