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Pilgrims’ Office for St. James' Pilgrims

Service to pilgrims at the Sign of the Shell

The Pilgrims’ Office of the St. James' Brotherhood has been managed in the rooms and in cooperation with the Cathedral Information in a fashion unique in Germany since March 2004.

The about 1000 pilgrims who start in Trier annually receive the special ID for their way to Santiago but also to Rome or to Jerusalem. About the same number already on their way receive the official pilgrim’s stamp in their ID as confirmation of their “Trier” pilgrimage leg.

The staff members of the Cathedral Information regularly schooled by the Trier St. James' Brotherhood are helpful in looking for accommodations or planning the further route. In addition, a selection of literature and pilgrimage souvenirs is available.

Trier has a long tradition in caring for pilgrims underway to Santiago, Rome, or Jerusalem. A St. James' Brotherhood existed for 500 years, up to the time of the French Revolution, and had a hostel for pilgrims’ accommodations.

The Trier St. James' Brotherhood, refounded in 2003, views itself a part of this tradition. The around 250 members care for the increasing number of people walking, cycling, or riding horseback on the way to one of the medieval destinations for pilgrims.

More detailed information on the pilgrimage office, on the services and tasks of the Trier St. James' Brotherhood is available at www.sjb-trier.de.