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Behavior Notice

Welcome to Trier Cathedral!

When you come into the Cathedral you enter a church, a House of God. Hundreds of people visit the Cathedral daily. Look upon the church as an important structure, admire its art. Many seek rest and conversation with God.

We please request that you cooperate and preserve the dignity of the place:

  • Please speak and conduct yourself quietly, to not disturb those praying or meditating.
  • Turn off your cell/mobile phone or other electronic devices, and do not telephone.
  • Please dress appropriately: Short pants, mini-skirts, sleeveless shirts, off-the-shoulder or plunging necklines are not appropriate. Men remove their head covering.
  • Please do not eat, drink, or smoke inside the church.
  • Bringing animals inside the church is not permitted.
  • Please do not enter the Cathedral on roller skates, inline skates, or bicycles.
  • Sightseeing is not permitted in the Cathedral during Mass.

Professional photographers, camera teams from TV, production companies, or academics may apply for prior approval to film or photograph at info(at)dominformation.de.

Notice for travel groups!

Since 2002, only those tours have been permitted in Trier Cathedral which have been arranged through the Cathedral Information.

The Cathedral Information arranges a Cathedral guide for you. The group receives a written tour confirmation containing all necessary information.