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Explore and experience the Cathedral with all the senses

Cathedral Tour (Children’s Groups)

Do you want to explore and experience the Cathedral with all the senses? Our expert guides make it possible. They are qualified to “teach” children about the church and make each Cathedral tour for the young and very young a special experience. The tours for children are walks through the church in which the children are actively engaged. The Cathedral Information arranges the appropriate tour depending on the age group:

  • “What’s what in the Cathedral?”

    This tour conveys information about the function and importance of different stations/objects in the Cathedral. It is suitable as well for altar boys and girls and children preparing for First Communion.

    Age group:    7 to 12
    Number of participants:

    a maximum of 20 children (+ maximum 5 to 7 adults)

    Duration:       45 to 60 minutes
    Price: € 45.00 per group
  • Tours for Adolescents

    We kindly request the group’s interests and prior knowledge at the time of booking.


    Our guides can plan a tour which takes into account the individual interests of the group and adapt the tour to the participants.

    Age group: up to age 16
    Number of participants: a maximum of 20 (+ maximum 5 to 7 adults)
    Duration: 1 hour
    Price: € 45.00 per group